Thursday, April 11, 2013

Como Estan? El CCM es muy bien. El tiempo pasa muy rapido aqui.
En Verdad, yo tengo ir uno semana. We met with the consulate yesterday and all the paperwork is in he just has to finalize the Visa's and send them back here from California probably a 2 or 3 weeks so i anticipate a reassignment almost for sure. Anyways have you heard any news on the violin in SLC?
So here's what’s going on here, Elder Chance Boekweg (Note- Chance was the student body President at Stansbury High &and he played soccer with Andy) didn't get his Visa to Peru so he is in the MTC here and in my Zone... so we're family now. His room is right next to mine in the Dorms. I should probably get to be Host next week for Abby so I’ll see if I see her (note- Abby is on our Ward). I played the MTC's cello the other day for fun but i don’t think i will play in a devotional…. to busy with DL (District Leader). As DL i have to go to meetings sometimes but mostly im just trying to keep the peace in the district, which is especially hard with my district... Yesterday i put on an orange sticker that signifies you're a new missionary and i got about 34 welcomes and then confused them by speaking to them in Spanish, it was great and i had the old guy directing all the real new missionaries laughing!! I might be able to Skype you guys before i leave sometime, not sure yet. also is my Patriarchal blessing on the way?
I’m excited for el templo hoy! i'll email you later today hopefully and maybe send a few pics..
Hasta Luego - Elder Stewart

April 11, 3pm

The temple was great today, we did a session and had breakfast. I'm glad Braydon is jazzed.. the MTC is awesome! Make sure to let them know for me that the MTC is not a place to learn a language or even become masters of the gospel but the most important thing is to learn how to invite and listen to the spirit in daily life and so that you can bring the spirit into real lessons with investigators. The spirit is the teacher not the missionary and that’s the main purpose that we go to the MTC for. with that being said i have taught probably 20 lessons now and maybe an 1/8 of them i would say yes the spirit was don't be discouraged when it’s not, this is the place to learn and try new things so that when we get out into the field we are better prepared to teach. Also give both Braydon and Eric that scripture sheet you made for me it’s awesome!! I finally found the penny after we were done with the temple and i took a pic. Hasta luego

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