Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm sad its the last P-day... thanks for the pics and i'll make sure to look in the tree.
Phil wrote me the other day and told me how the fam was doing. I wrote him back that night. Fun hearing from him! I got your package yesterday and yes i will be sending things home.  Im scared about fitting everything in and being under 50 pounds.
I didnt get to host yesterday and District Leader is a busy job so i didn't have any time to watch for Abby, but i will watch for her in the lunch room.
We're are supposed to find out our reassignments today!! im excited i'll make sure to email you again today.

i played a trick on the district the other day,, since i pick up the mail, im always the one to give them news... so i told everyone our Visa's came. And it came to pass that there was much rejoicing for about 10 min. and then i said just kidding. and it did come to pass that i being the DL of 40-A was shunned from the presence of the Lords people until such time that they again did want their mail... Hahaha it was great!!

Also we found the plates of the MTC and have been writing in them in the way that the scriptures are written about our dealings with the elderes y hermanas de Israel...
okay write ya later, i think my clothes are almost done...

Andy called home. We got a 5 minute chat with him...but really it was more like 3 minutes (I feel jipped) :-)
Andy has been reassigned to Charleston, West Virginia mission for 6 weeks. If his Visa isn't here in 6 weeks, he may be there longer. That mission takes in some of Virginia and Kentucky. It's pretty big area. He leaves Tuesday morning. He is allowed to call us from the airport, so we should be able to talk to him again Tuesday (very early) in the morning.  Once he gets settled in WV, I'll let you know where he is and how to write him, if you would like to.

He sounded so great on the phone. It is obvious he loved his time in the MTC. It is amazing what a mission does for our kids. Oh we did ask how he felt he was doing with the language. HE said really well. He is teaching 40 minute lessons completely in Spanish and feels good about it. THe problem with WV is that it is 95% english we will be praying for opportunitys to use his Spanish while there.


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