Monday, February 16, 2015


Sounds like all is well and a little bit crazy. So they moved the ward to the South Stake? That seems a little weird. Is that my room?? haha I don't even recognize it. Well the last week here, its pretty strange. i bought a whole bunch of mate today to bring home haha, I think the more part of my luggage is going to be taken up by the mate. I have one request for you and that is that you make me an appointment with a Chiropractor for when i get home because I'm  pretty sure my back and whole body for that matter is thrown out. My body feels like its in its 70´s. :) Michelle wrote me today and asked how much time i have left in the mission... i sent her a message that went something like this hahahahahaha... 7 days. Nextly I´ll be sure to get pics of the house dont worry. Well see ya in a week.   Chowsitos los quiero -Elder Stewart
A little conversation with the Boy...
2015-02-16 15:38 GMT-03:00 Karrie Stewart <>:
Hi sweety.   love the pic.  is that your ball?  bringing it home :-)   dad has seen money being taken out of the we are hoping that is buying stuff to bring home.   I'll get that apt with Borup.  I'll get it for the day after you get home.   see you soon.
On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 11:30 AM, Andrew Stewart <> wrote:
Ya its my ball but im leaving it to the other Elders or they´re going to cry..
2015-02-16 15:46 GMT-03:00 Karrie Stewart <>:
buy another one and take the air out and bring it home :-)  that would be pretty cool to have from
On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 11:30 AM, Andrew Stewart <> wrote:
Na they are all rip offs here. Much better to buy one that is actually made by Adidas when i get home. and besides a soccer ball is more costly than gold here!

Monday, February 9, 2015


They still haven´t sent me anything about flight plans so good to know...maybe they don't tell us that stuff until we get to the offices.  That's good to hear that Rob did well with his talk, I didn't know that he was serving in Guatemala. I´ll make sure to get lots of pics as well these last two weeks.
This past week was a bit of a hot downer. I got sick Tuesday and was sick the whole week until Sat morning after my comp and Elder Arias gave me a blessing Friday night and I pretty much hopped up out of the chair healed ! Sunday we received 2 references in church from members of the other branch and we met with them the same day. It was a great lesson and the same member accompanied us to teach. So there is still hope. One more P-day and chow, Its going by super fast this transfer. All is well here except the ridiculous amount of heat. 
Well talk to ya next week.
Los Quiero Elder Stewart      

Monday, February 2, 2015


Sounds like all is well after a long week of work. Things are quite interesting here at the moment the branch here has many struggles and its a constant fight to keep it up and running. This month is the month of whats called the ¨corso¨ where all the dance groups go out every weekend fri, sat and sun to dance through the streets all night something similar to the party that was being had when Moses came down from the mount after recieving the 10 commandments. Other than that all is well and Elder Reyna and i keep in truckin. Well got to go the power went down a minute ago and i lost half of what i wrote so talk to ya next week, have a great week. 
Los quiero muchos- Elder Stewart

Monday, January 26, 2015


Good to hear tha things are busy and that you got the floor all in. Things here have been really slow this week. we had to pretty much kick out all the investigatores that we have had for a while because they aren´t keeping any commitments that they make. So we are back on the big open hunt for chosen investigator. Though the work hasn´t been so great my studies this week have been very edifying. I have been watching this new bible videos that they recently made and they´re super awesome. Also chap. 93:1-39 of D&C has been my meditation of the week. We had some other good experiences this week doing service and all but i dont have time to write everything.

Until next week Los quiero mucho-Elder Stewart

Monday, January 19, 2015


Sounds like things are pretty busy but thats good. Looks like im not even going to recognize the house when i get home... jaja, i like the floor. Thats great that Kendal keeps doing better 
Everythig is going well here my comp and i are working well together. We encountered a few new investigatores this week and one or two of them look to be elect so we´re hoping to see good progress from them.Not much to report it was a pretty normal week. I dont remember if i told you but Elder Arias is training at the moment Elder Birch who is from Lehi, Utah. jaja i really dont have anything to write so talk to ya next week. 
P.s. try not to waste anymore raspberries 
Los Quiero- Elder Stewart

Monday, January 12, 2015


Yup Elder Alvarenga left for Salta last night at 2am so the four of us went to send him off in the terminal last night. Yes he´s the one from Wash. DC. It was a late night i think we got to sleep at about 3:30am, And thus it has begun my last transfer of the mision. Elder Reyna stayed here in Tartagal with me, so he´ll be sending me home and Elder Arias stayed as well. He will be getting a newbee to train in the mission on Wednesday, so Reyna and i feel a little bit lonely in the house until he gets back with the newbee Wednesday night.
Not much else to say for now a bit of a slow week though we did find a few good new investigators. I think we should be able to baptize a few this last transfer and we´re still in the hunter for more new investigators The old ones that we have arent progressing and so its come time to drop them for now. Oh i almost forgot a notable occurance from yesterday. We ate cow head in a members house.... its was an interesting experience :) and I also tried Cow brain!...these people are crazy here. I forgot my camera so i dont have a pic to send you but Alvarenga took a few so get into my facebook and see if you can find him his name is Gabriel Alvarenga im sure he´ll upload the photo.

Alright until next week, Los quiero mucho-

Elder Stewart

Monday, January 5, 2015

Yeah there were some good fireworks for the new year but not as awesome as it was in Tucumán last year. We were together the 4 of us in the house on new year so it was a good one. All is well here. Unfortunatley we didnt get to baptize Javier but I'm sure he´ll do it in Buenos Aires he´s a great kid just has a closed minded family in the catholic sense. This is the last week of the transfer and then my last transfer begins... scary..Elder Alvarenga goes home in 7 days so this weeks going to be a little crazy for sure. I dont remember if I told you but I got two nativities bought. One for you and one for Grandma. I also bought myself a cool ¨Mate¨ pronounced Ma-tay I'll send you a pic...its what they drink here when they get together as families and things. its like a herbal tea.
Well I think thats all for now. hasta la próxima semana.
los quiero-Elder Stewart
The empanadas that we made today for lunch
 the empanadas that we made today for lunch