Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hola here are a few pics from this week,, one is of "Martes de bonitas corbatas" (beautiful tie Tuesday). Elder Machen has 34 ties so we all wore his huge ugly ties. I'm looking forward to the temple in a couple of hours. Spanish is coming along iv'e had a few dreams in spanish though i don't remember what happened... not sure if thats a good thing or not. haha sorry i forgot to change the camera settings so you'll have to crop them.
Later that day: The temple session was great! its a beautiful day down here and the temple is blossoming in flowers! As we came out we talked to a family that ran up to us that was here from California to go to conference this weekend. it was our first taste of being out in the field :) Gracias for the easter package it was Awsome! and yes i got the music. Grandma did also send me an Easter package that was Muy Bien!

ok so here are some answers to your Q's and Questions of my own.
1) I am the new District Leader for the Remaining 3 weeks at the MTC
2) I can't have you bring my violin right now they don't have the storage space at the moment.
3) Thats crazy about Isaac Morleys Violin situation.
4) Everyone at the moment is on campus housing ...though i have it on good authority that they are already in the pocess of building another MTC just down the road and it will be a completly seperate MTC except for The MTC president (Nally's) will be over that one as well.

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