Monday, January 5, 2015

Yeah there were some good fireworks for the new year but not as awesome as it was in Tucumán last year. We were together the 4 of us in the house on new year so it was a good one. All is well here. Unfortunatley we didnt get to baptize Javier but I'm sure he´ll do it in Buenos Aires he´s a great kid just has a closed minded family in the catholic sense. This is the last week of the transfer and then my last transfer begins... scary..Elder Alvarenga goes home in 7 days so this weeks going to be a little crazy for sure. I dont remember if I told you but I got two nativities bought. One for you and one for Grandma. I also bought myself a cool ¨Mate¨ pronounced Ma-tay I'll send you a pic...its what they drink here when they get together as families and things. its like a herbal tea.
Well I think thats all for now. hasta la próxima semana.
los quiero-Elder Stewart
The empanadas that we made today for lunch
 the empanadas that we made today for lunch


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