Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Cómo están ? I have to be pretty quick today cuz we had to go to the offices to get some furniture unexpectedly and we still have things to do... That's awesome that you are in touch with Family Iongi. we are taking pics but sometimes I forget my camera and sometimes he forgets his.  I have seen a few violins lately and I played one just the other day when we had lunch with some members. It was fun to play again.  The mission call of Isaac Morley is actually in the family search page I discovered as well. if you just got into the web site and find him in our family web and click on his info there are some pics as well and the call is one of them.  There's a video of Elijah and the woman and her son in the old testament DVD's and I came across it the other day... small world.
Thanks for the pics. Sorry so short, I'll write you more next week. 
Los quiero- Elder Stewart

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