Monday, August 25, 2014


Time's true! We almost have a whole transfer here Elder Iongi and I.
Sounds like everything is going well at home. Here we are facing our difficulties, this month is the month of the Virgin that watches over Salta (supposedly) so all the Catholics (which is pretty much everyone) are all rallied up with their festivities. Sometimes I like to just walk around in the street talking loudly about the first and second commandments of the 10. haha. Other than that things are going well.  Yes, Elder Iongi speaks Tongan. When he watches the `Other Side of Heaven' he understands everything.  Sounds like you had a crazy storm the other day. Here it goes between hot and cold, some days its hot and some days its cold. Today its overcast and we are in sweaters where as yesterday we were sweating all day. Flor from Manantial wrote me an email and told me that she had a long talk with her sister Belen the other day and that she was baptized Saturday. She was another one of those that we taught in Manantial but we could never get to the point of baptism with her. That just shows the importance of teaching missionary work to recent converts... they work miracles!

Well that's pretty much it for the week ill try to send you a pic or two that we took outside the block that we live in oh and I found a book of the history of the church in the apartment the other day while cleaning and it had a picture of Isaac Morley`s mission call in it, pretty cool.

Los Quiero -Elder Stewart  


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