Monday, September 8, 2014


Wow that's crazy to hear about Kendall but no worries everything that happens has a wise purpose of the Lord behind it that we may not be able to see in the moment leaving only trust in the Lord to be the trial of our faith. I´ll be praying for her.
Thats cool that you had stake conference in the conference center... it really is a blessing to live right there in Salt Lake City, one takes in to account after a little while of not living there that its Zion.
We are doing fine here still having a difficult time with the area but thats not something thats going to change overnight. We´re making plans for the future trying new things every week to see what is going to make the difference here. Ive been flying through the Bible latley in the new testament. I read all of St Mark and I'm half way through Luke in one week. Read Mark 9:25-29 I think I've found the key to the area, but I don't really love the answer...jaja. I actually like it better in Spanish, in place of ´kind´ it says more like ´generation´ meaning even though you may have been given authority the power that comes with it must be developed firstly through scripture, prayer and fast (ei. Alma 17:1-3) because the power of Satan is like unto that of the Fathers. 
Well its a new transfer starting today so Elder Iongi and i will be together for  this transfer and then normally one of us will leave according to how training usually works.
Thanks for the pics. and talk to ya next week.
Elder Stewart


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