Monday, August 18, 2014

looks like you had a fun week with Stansbury Days and all. I'm hoping that I don't make it to Santiago because by the time I get there it will already be full summer doing 50 to 55 degrees C every day. What do you mean by SLC the city or the whole valley (mom note- I asked him how big Salta was compared to SLC) Cuz i think its about the same if your talking about the whole valley, but I don't know we don't exactly get to know the entire province. That's cool that you have a brasilera Sister in the area tell her hoi for me. if she's from the south she should be pretty close to where Elder Gerber lives.. in Santa Caterina.
I only saw that two were baptized this past week in Manantial in the list. Both of which I taught with Gerber. The family Avila was completed with Lucas and the aunt (Eugenia) or something like that i dont remember exactly how shes related.
We keep on truckin here in Limache. My goal is to be having a baptism weekly by the time i change areas but thats gonna take some work. The members are awesome here and willing to help us out when we´re teaching. We found a new investigator this week from Colombia he has an awesome accent and I had a hard time understanding him. Its like spanish with an Irish accent really weird.
Well thats pretty much all for the week.
Talk to ya next week
Los quiero mucho -Elder Stewart

ps...You should learn a little portuguese when you have dinner with the sisters. And a little spanish might not hurt either because i dont know what we are going to do to communicate when i get home. Jaja

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