Monday, May 26, 2014

haha as it gets hotter there it gets colder here... Elder Gerber no le gusta tanto..
Yeah i dont know what im going to do with all those tents did you get the teepee to grandmas house if the truck is broken??  Glad to hear that Bryce did well with his talk and Lys as well. I´ll have to
write bryce soon. 
Things are going well here we baptized 2 this past  Saturday. Lucas y Marisol Diosquez. It was a nice baptism and lots of people showed up to see it. Its been a little bit rough the past few weeks with church attendence. Its been cold and nobody wants to get up when its cold in the morning. We´re hoping to have a week with good weather to boost the number of investigators that we have. We pray every day to encounter elect families, this week we´re going to find them.
Glad to hear all is going well, nos vemos la próxima semana.
Les quiero mucho, Elder Estewar

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