Monday, June 2, 2014

sounds like you had a fun week... tell Isaak congrats for me! Corban grew up really fast!! who baptized him?? Where was zach at in the family reunion? and suerte getting up Timp. again. 
We had a good week. Our new converts keep progressing the only thing we´re are still having problems with is baptizing the older sister and the mother of the family but all the youngin´s go to church every Sunday and participate in the activities.  I traveled to Salta Thursday and Friday to renew my visa but first missed the bus because there was some kind of problem with the bus tickets that they bought in the offices, so Elder Rich left in the first bus by himself and I caught the next bus an hour later. On my way there an older man sat down next to me and we started to talk a little bit about where we were from and were we were going. He was a teacher of classes that help people open up there minds and be more creative with the things that... as he says... the Supreme Creator has given us.  So naturally he was interested in what we do as missionaries.  He began to ask me questions and i asked him a few as well and  then began to teach him about the restoration as he had heard about Joseph smith before. After we talked for a while about our faith he told me that he always buys the bus seat 7 but no one ever buys 8...  I don't remember exactly what he said but it was somthing to the effect of ' I think God makes everthing happen for a reason'.  I reafirmed his position but unfortunatly I didnt have a book of Mormon with me to give him. I told him to ask for one from the Elders in the street so hopefully he will.
We didnt have a baptizm this week but we did have a fun activity.  You´ll have to look for the videos and pics that Leo puts up. Elder Gerber and I did a live act Charles Chaplin style... it was awesome!
well thats all for the week 
Les Quiero- Elder Stewart


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