Monday, May 5, 2014

Good to hear you're all busy and loosing wait! jaja .Lucky Turner gets to live in Hawaii im gonna go visit him after i get back.. Next Sunday we'll be able to skype we're planning on doing it at 5PM our time so that should be 2pm at home.
So we had a good week topping it off with 5 baptisms and 5 confirmations for a grand total of 10 baptisms in one transfer!  pics attached. Also I had a nice little surprise as we finished up sacrament meeting when a sister pulled out my stolen book of Mormon. She told me that her uncle encountered it in the street, and being a religious man thought it to be the bible. After examining it a little realized it wasnt the bible but the same book that his niece uses in the Mormon church. This Hermana Carolina Diaz new it was mine because Elder Stewart is engraved on the cover she also leaves this Tuesday to serve
her mission in Chile. I also got the letter you sent me by pouch mail the other day.

Today is transfers Elder Gerber and i stay the same here in Manantial. We have the goal of 2 baptisms this week and more to come each week. Also the goal to fix the things we need for hot water this week haha.
well thats all for now,
Les quiero mucho -Elder Stewart

1) Tucuman Zone Conference
2) Elder Stewart & Manantial Ward Primary President
3) Stolen Book of Mormon found!!
4) Saturday Baptisms


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