Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day - 2014
It was a great Mothers Day.  Elder Stewart Skype'd with us at 2pm our time (5pm his time).  They skype'd using the Colombres family Computer, which we are very grateful for.  We didn't have the best connection, but it was good enough to hear him and see how happy he is.  He told us their area is the top baptizing area of the mission right now.  The ward is amazing with a great ward Mission leader, Brother Leo Sandoval, and a great team of ward missionaries.  together they have had baptisms every Saturday since he arrived.  2 Saturdays ago, they baptized 5.  He loves it there, Loves his Companion and couldn't be happier...except if he had a Hot shower.  they are hoping to have that fixed this week....good thing since they are going into the winter season now. :-)  - posted by Elder Stewarts Mom

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