Monday, April 28, 2014

La batalla sigue no mas aca...of the 4 we had we only baptized one. Its good to hear that Braydon's doing well i'll have to send him an email its been a while. Nice pics of your scouting adventures dad.  We had a good week with a baptism to top it off... we have a weeks goals set with 6 baptisms!!! with lots of faith. One family (the dad and mom and 2 daughters), another who has a lot of family that are members, and the Mother of the 4 children we have baptized so far. 
Wednesday we made pizza but I don't know how to make the dough so well,, but it was fun and it turned out ok. see pic. We also encountered a few good new investigators and a few really awesome ones as well so i'm excited to see what happens in the near future. Ask dad how its going with losing a few pounds... I still haven't lost faith yet. Leo might have better pics of the baptism than I do. Well that' pretty much all I have to say for the week,, we played a little futbol again this morning as well but I didn't get any pics. I suppose i shall leave you with something spiritual for the week but it shall up to you to receive revelation. study the photo on the cover of PMG with ordinances of the temple in mind. suerte
Hasta luego, les quiero
Elder Stewart 



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