Monday, April 7, 2014

That's cool you got to go see conference in the conference center. We had a good 2 days watching the conference in the stake center and we had a baptism Sunday after the first session.
I watched the conference in spanish for the first time... Sometimes we´re more blessed than we realize because the conference is best when you hear the real voice of the person speaking.
We had a good week as well we went to contact a reference and after we had sat down with la SeƱora other people from the same street began to come to her house and listen to us. After about 15 min. we were teaching a group of about 12 people. It was awesome!
Ok I don't have much time so here is the news. We recieved a letter today saying that parents shouldnt send packages from outside the country anymore so don't send anymore packages and its very likely that the package you recently sent wont ever arrive. Argentina is going downhill fast i guess. We had a good time jugando la pelota (playing soccer) today i'll send a few pics.
Elder Stewar

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