Monday, April 14, 2014

I don't have much time to wirte this here´s the recap. We didnt have a baptizm this week but we confirmed the Girl we baptized last week during conference. We had 9 investigator attendences in sacrament meeting so it was a good Sunday. We hope to baptize 2 this week, we´ll see if is possible tonight. This week was pretty hecitic. I had to travel to Salta for 2 days to renew my papers (ei. Visa...). We only had a few days to work this week and it was a cold few days so not many wanted to chat but we made the best of what lessons we were able to have. Today we played a little futbol again and yes my companion is good at futbol. It was Leo Sandovals birthday today as well so we had lunch and cake with him.   I´ll be sure to get that pic of the house that you want.. We´re looking for a new house because we dont have hot water where we are living now!! I havent had a hot bath for 2 month now. The Sister misionaries watched conference in our house??? 
Les quiero mucho- Elder Stewart
1) Service Project
2) Elder Gerber's broken Shoe



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