Monday, March 31, 2014

Hola Fam
Haha Elder Gerbers parents do not live in SLC. Maybe it was an error with Google translation. His father is the bishop of their ward and they´re converts from about 8 yrs back. It could be that Elder Milton is really Elder Newton who knows...  To answer your questions... yes sometimes we make noodles we get back to the house at night and Brother Sandoval keeps the Facebook page updated.  We don´t hear a whole lot about the World Cup, the people are still in club mode. Yesterday Boca and River played each other Its called the Classic when they play cuz they´re the two most popular teams... My boys 'Boca' lost ...Look up the three goals that were score all three were awesome. Nice Room....... I'm still stumped with your questions nothing comes to mind.

We had an awesome week things are picking up even more here. We topped the week off with the baptism of Miguel(50 yr) y Mabel(52 yrs) Zeraspe!! Tuesday we went to teach what will hopefully be our next baptism on 5/4 (April 5th). After we left the house which was our last visit of the night... we were walking in the street and I had my triple in my hand. Some kid on a motorcycle drove by and robbed my scriptures out of my hand and not only that.. but 4 Baptismal records that had be completed and signed were inside my scripture cover.   1 Year of scripture revelation and study down the drain with my patriarchal blessing inside as well!  Lets hope for his sake that I don't ever find him. Other than that it was a really good week and two Hermanas of the ward were called to be Ward missionaries and we're waiting for at least two more in Lules. Well that's all for now 
Les quiero Mucho- Elder Stewart  

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