Monday, April 21, 2014

Looks like you had a fun week!!! Yes they celebrate Easter in Argentina but they dont do as much as we do. 
We only baptized 1 this week I dont know what Leo posted but it must have been old. We were able to baptize one more of the family with 3 to go :) This Saturday we hope to baptize 4. We had a good week lots of lessons and a good attendence in sacrament meeting. We keep encountering and focusing on those persons that are ready or really close to being ready for baptism. This week we´re going to have to find a lot of new investigadores. We´re trying to get out of the trend of baptizing in cycles because we run out of investigatores, and in to the state of having a big group of investigatores to be able to baptize every week. This week we tried a movie night in the chapel showing The Lamb of God but it didnt work out so well, not many showed up. haha we´re going to try something new this week or the next.
The pic is of the orchards of Oranges in Lules. Some members are the care takers.
Well thats all for now,
Chowcitos Elder Stewart

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