Monday, March 24, 2014


Sadly we only had one baptism this past Saturday. A 14 year old girl.  The good thing is that her mom came to the baptism and got a little teary eyed as she was being baptized so we´re hoping for more baptisms from that family including the Mom sometime in the future. I`ll be sure to send Eric a message as well. In the picture of the zone conference, yes I'm standing next to Elder Hawkins and yes the other tall kid in the back is Elder Cobabe from the MTC as well. No I don't think there are glow sticks here but you sent me some in the last package. I don't think that the stickers really make a difference on the packages.  What did you do to that poor room! Forest green with dark brown and light brown ...? haha 
You have me stumped for the moment with the handmaid...
Elder Tzun left for Guatemala this morning at 4 am (see pic). I'm still in the bus terminal waiting for my new companion to arrive from Oran. His name is Elder Gerber i think, and he is from Brazil, so maybe ill learn a little Portuguese while we´re at it. We had a good transfer Elder Tzun and I. Hopefully we can have another 6 weeks of baptisms. I hope to baptize the couple that we were going to baptize last Saturday this sat. I was talking to the Erazmo family in Lules and asked about Elder Newton they didn't remember him but did remember an Elder Milton that could have been his companion at the time so ask Bro Newton if he remembers Elder Milton.
tell Bishop Parsons hi and the Boones and the Buckendorf's as well.
Les quiero mucho, Elder Stewart 

Saying Good bye to Elder Tzun:

Hello to Elder Gerber From Brazil! 

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