Monday, March 17, 2014

In response to your question ...that would have to be Ammoron...  Haha  that's crazy that Bro Newton served Lules, I'll have to ask around. If you send another package send more candy especially sour punch straws they´re my favorite.. the potatoes were good as well but we can make potatoes here any time we want. Glad to hear that the violin is being played as well. 
our week went well and we topped it off with the baptism of Sebastian. It was a normal week for us as we encountered a few new elect investigators we had a good attendance in sacrament meeting  on Sunday... but only one, of those which we were hoping would attend did attend. We´re going for 3 baptisms this week all three of which have either signed their baptismal record or we have received permission and a signature from her parents. 2 are an older couple that live in San Pablo which is almost in Lules. They arrived at church 2 Sundays ago and asked us if could teach them. They both accepted a baptismal date the first time that we taught them and yesterday signed their baptismal records. The other is the sister (Camila) of a recent convert (Romina) who recently expressed the desire to be baptized as well.  Así que vamos a bautizar los 3 esta semana.
Not a whole lot to write this week... This week was missionary week in church so Elder Tzun and I both spoke in sacrament meeting. that's all for this week. Glad to see you celebrated my 1 year mark we didn't do anything beside teach..
Les quiero mucho, Elder Stewart


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