Monday, March 10, 2014

Mom's note - This week marks Elder Stewarts 1 year mark.  He left March 13, 2013. 
I asked him if he will be celebrating his 'Hump Day'....

Haha I don't think I would call it a hump day.... I've never heard of hump day either but whatever... we`ll go with it. Glad to hear you had a good time in D-land and nice pics... dads goin a little gangster in the first one there in toontown :) the package was awesome its almost completely gone now. be sure to send more HLJ (CTR) rings when you send the next package. I'll get a pic in front of the apartments we live in and i sent you a pic of the last house we lived in san felipe a while back.

We had a good week here. We baptized the Sister I told you about Saturday  and confirmed her Sunday. It was an awesome baptism with the whole family there and she was the last baptism that the branch of Lules will ever have because the two wards Lules and Manantial merged yesterday to be one ward. We had good attendence at church as well. A lot of less actives attended. We had 3 investigators attend, less than we were hoping for but oh well there`s always a next week. We will have another baptism this coming Saturday. I'll send the picture.
Les quiero mucho, Elder Stewart

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