Monday, February 10, 2014


So I got transfered to the other zone in Tucumán ( west). Im in Manantial Tucumán with Elder Tzun from Guatemala. This area is only about 10 or 15 mins. from San Felipe. Elder Tzun is going to end his mission this transfer with me. Elder Corrales will recieve a new missionary this wed and be training him until he ends his mission as well in 2 more transfers. I am sad to leave San Felipe plus its a little bit wierd to be so close. Hopefully they will see baptisms this transfer im pretty sure they will. This past week we were walking towards a lesson in the street when a lady started to call us from her house. After talking with her we discovered that her husband is a member of the church and that she has an 8 yr old son that wants to be baptized after talking with her a little bit she happily accepted a baptismal date along with her boy even though he will be a baptism for the branch. They should see that baptism the 22 of this month along with others that will be ready fairly quickly if they can just get them to church. 
Elder Tzun told me that they had 7 baptisms this past transfer and we are going for 12 this transfer...I forgot my camara but I got the photos that you wanted with the exception of the one outside the church.. Thanks for getting the blessing odered hopefully all goes well. If you want to make a little bit of a ruffle in the offices you can cuz i still havent got the package. As ive been talking with a few other elders it appears that the Elder in the offices over the packages is a bit unorganized. Thats quite a story with the records in Salt Lake!
Bueno chow por ahora
Les quiero-Elder Stewart

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