Monday, February 3, 2014

I´ll try to get a pic the next time it happens (mom's note, I asked him to get a picture when the roads turn into Rivers)...maybe today or tomorrow, it looks pretty dark outside. We´ve only had one little bbq outside our house and that was with Elder Molina. while im thinking about it i might get transferred next Monday, so if you dont get a letter thats why. I'll be sure to get a pic in front of the house today. Elder Babcock... que capo! I called the offices today because President Levrino didn't bring my package, he said that it is still in the offices and that he forgot to send it with him. So hopefully I'll get it sometime soon, and at least its not lost. I really thought that some argentino had robbed me. Thanks so much for the priesthood line of authority... a lot of Apostles no? or is that normal?

We had a good week with 21 news . OH so Elder Briones my district leader just walked in and said that im going to be transfered to Aldretes Tucumán... Im not positive if he´s telling the truth though.. Ok back to the week. We had a lot of news and 25 investigators commited to go to church unfortunaley we only had 1 attendance. but overall it was a good week. Today we had lunch with the DL and we took some photos, ill send you some photos. Sorry i have to go now.
Les quiero- Elder Stewart


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