Monday, January 27, 2014

Glad to hear all went well with the shows this week. Papá - the lady at the travel show was exactly right everyone says the Colombian's speak the best outside of Spain itself. She was also right about Argentina, I´m not actually learning Español its Castellano, it uses a few different words. Thanks for the scripture as well a fantastic one that i havent been using. As for the desk it was already made when I got here.
Not a whole lot to report here it was a pretty slow week though the branch is progressing and we´re getting more help from the members every week. Its been rainy this whole week. I think it was Friday that a huge storm came through and as there are now strom drain systems here the streets become rivers (and i mean rivers!) we were teaching Friday morning right before it hit and continued to teach through the major part of the storm. When we had finished we walked outside with our umbrellas as it was still raining a bit and found the dirt street to be a muddy river. After we had found high ground to get back out to the main road we found it to be a real river at least waist deep in the middle haha. We skirted around the edges up to the mid thigh wading back to our house. The only bad thing was I didnt get a picture because i didnt have my camara and where we live is much higher with no water in the roads. The picture that i sent was  in our Back yard after we had changed and stopped to eat lunch.
well thats all for now,
Chow, les quiero- Elder Stewart  

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