Monday, December 16, 2013

My birthday was awesome, we ate pizza and ice cream at the end of the day. I´ll send you a few pics.. this week was a little bit crazy..we dont know all the details but its more than just the police on strike. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there were people sacking houses and stores. The ´´chango mas´´ which is an off shoot of walmart but smaller, was completely robbed. It looked like a bomb went off from the outside. In the city it was the same with the other large supermarkets and small stores as well. Tuesday we pretty much were in our house all day but the whole city was outside with rifles and macheties protecting the houses. haha Everything is back to normal right now but there is rumor of it happening again the 19th and 20th,,, so we´ll see what happens

We have our christmas conference this Wednesday, i should get both packages then. We picked up quite a few new investigators this week but thats pretty much all that happened.
Thats awesome to hear that Katy got her call and spanish speaking as well.
Chow for now..
Elder Stewart

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