Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mom's notes:  Christmas Day was so awesome!  We were able to talk to Elder Stewart via Skype for about 45 minutes.   He was at a Members home and it sounded like a party was going on in the background.  Every now and then he would look over his shoulder and jabber something in Spanish and things would quiet down for a minute.  :-).  He looks great, is happy and speaking great Spanish.  In fact, he had a hard time expressing some of his thoughts because he couldn't find the correct word in English!!   I LOVE IT!!  At the end of our conversation he bore his testimony to us in Spanish.  It was amazing!!

Some of the things we learned:
1) He lives in a nice home (he said probably the nicest in the mission!) and have Swamp cooler.
2) The Weather is super hot.   This week will range from 102 - 106 degrees and high humidity
3) the weirdest thing he eats (served often) is Cow Stomach and tongue.  He doesn't mind...tastes like Chicken, just a little grisly.
4) favorite thing to eat is meat Empanadas and Breaded Chicken.  He also makes noodles with cheese and loves it.  Says it taste just like his favorite dish at the Noodle company,  They eat a large lunch around 2pm everyday.  it is considered rude not to eat 2 or 3 plates.  They do not eat Dinner.
5) Most of the futbol fields are indoor courts.  There is one at the Church and sometimes he gets to play with the ward team.
6) He can speak fluently, and understands most of what people are saying...there are some words, especially Verbs he doesn't understand yet.
7) They have a Semi- automatic washing machine.  they have to manually fill with water and then drain it and manually fill again to rinse.  They dry their cloths by hanging in the bedroom in front of the Swamp cooler.
8) They user Internet stores to email us each week.  Costs about 10peso's (Approx $2 USD) for about 2 hours...pretty cheap.
9) Transfers are coming up next week.  He thinks he will stay, but probably lose his companion, Elder Molina. They usually stay about 6 months in each area in his mission.
10)  THEY FOUND several new investigators this week!!  they are super excited about that.

A few pictures Andy sent and some from our Skype session.


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