Monday, December 9, 2013


Thanks for the B day shout out. We have Three Zone Conferences this month and the time is flying by this transfer. I don't have hardly any time to write today... Our fault we were playing futbol all morning at the chapel. Congrats on  your new llamamiento Mamá. I miss the snow really bad almost everyday here is a swimming pool to walk around in. In answer to your question, we are a little bit closer to the baptism of the parents. They have put their goal for marriage in January, but Elder Molina and I are still trying to do it sooner than that. Thanks for the music as well! My shoes are doing just fine and their are a lot of stores that repair shoes well here so no worries. 

Their appears to be some problem in Tucumán today and the Zone leaders just sent us a message saying we have to be in our house before dark today... so chow for now.

Les Quiero! - Elder Stewart 

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