Monday, October 28, 2013

Looks like you had a fun week, new misiónera, real game, primary program. You have 4 violinist´s in primary? Landon emailed me, looks like he´s having lots of fun. I haven´t heard from Eric in a while and I didn’t know he hurt his back. Hope he is OK.  And I didn’t know Braydon has already trained elders either... wow that’s awesome. Training is a higher honor than being Assistant to the president.
Elder Molina and i have been working with one family in particular for the last 2 weeks. Yesterday the papa and 2 of his kids assisted church with us. The mom had to work but we should have all of them at church next week. They´re an awesome family, the type that I have never run into and I might not run into ever again. They want to change and are always asking us when we can come back instead of us asking them. Never-the-less problems still exist, they´re going through rough times and trying to resolve hard situations together. They say to us every time we come over and teach that we bring a peace and calmness to the house. We hope to have the four of them baptized in 2-3 weeks. We´ve also been doing lots of less active work in the ward.  haha lots to do.

Bueno tengo que ir, Les quiero, Elder Stewart


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