Monday, October 21, 2013

So I guess I didn't explain it well we play soccer on a court not a field so cleats are not a problem and I have my indoor shoes with me. Its like indoor futsal with five players on a team. and yes I did score :)   and yeah they finish (the Fútbol tournament) while we were having the baptism so I didn't get to play. and they lost...
Yes we did baptize the 2 boys on Saturday and confirmed them in sacrament meeting Sunday.  They were super excited. I don't have a photo because my camera died and my comp didn't have his camera. We took one on the phone but I don't think ill be able to upload it and send it to you. We have a Family home evening with them in the house of a member tonight at 6:30. it should be fun.  I'll take a picture.
We have a house here in San Felipe but it needs a lot of cleaning still so we´re working on that but its pretty good living conditions. I miss carpet a lot it literally doesn't exist here.
This is pizza Argentina style, This type is actually good. I still haven't taught her how to make it
American style though we didn't have time last Monday. 

Bueno, suerte con tu llamamiento nuevo.  
Bueno Chow, Les Quiero, Elder Stewart

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