Tuesday, September 24, 2013

YOU DID WHAT WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!! AND DAD STAYED HOME????!!!!  (moms note...I went to Disney World in Florida for a business meeting)  Oh ya, well well we had a baptism! okay the other Elders had a baptism...haha Bueno, voy a escribir en español para que usted no puede entender lo que estoy diciendo! Estoy Bromiando. Landon emailed me and updated me on his preparations and the family. I cant believe Tyler is a Junior!!! Muy Rada. Can't wait for Confrencia General that will be awesome! I attached a pic of what i was doing while you were in Disneyworld!  Bueno Chow por este semana oh and yes I love the empanadas!!!

Les quiero, Elder Stewart


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