Monday, September 30, 2013

Today has been a little bit crazy...the internet has been out all day so we couldn´t take out our monthly money from the ATM and we haven't been able to use email until just barely. We basically just sat around all day today. Sounds like thing are going crazy at home Landon's gone, Michelle emailed me and said she is leaving the MTC headed out to Idaho.
Nice pics! What´s that on Isaak´s face!? Bueno Entonces, Transfers are the 7th right after General Conference, who knows what will happen, if I´ll stay in Perico or be headed somewhere else. And yes transfers are every 6 weeks. The Spanish is coming well, I still have trouble understanding exactly what they are saying... but they speak horribly here in comparison to other Spanish speaking countries. All their words are slurred and cut short.
I am reading Alma's  super awesome the last part of it about spiritual creation, and the Liahona ect.  
Les quiero, Elder Stewart

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