Monday, September 16, 2013

We had Confrencia de la zona on friday the 13th my 'click' day so Hermana Obray and i took a photo of our six month mark. Zone conference was all day and President told us all off.  Haha, but it was really good. The other elders had a baptism yesterday before church, un chico named Salvador (or Savior in english). Haha kind of funny in the baptismal interview because the person doing the interview asks the person if he is ready to follow The Savior so it would´ve been like, ´'Salvador ¿Usted es listo para seguir el ejemplo do Nuestro Salvador?'. The other Elders are planning another baptism for Ana Maria Cruz who Elder Medina and I had been teaching for a long time so I feel like she is at least half my baptism Haha. It was a pretty slow week here not much happened that was very exciting. The weather has been all over the place it was super hot at the beginning of the week but now its super cold and rainy. 
Sheesh everybody is getting married at the moment. Thanks for the pics.. Michelle emailed me and told me about the pictures. I don't know if you´ve heard anything from Eric but he emailed me and said he´s finally out of the MTC and in his first area and everything is super green...  My shoes are fine but you could include some more socks in a package that would be nice.
Hasta Luego, les quiero- Elder Stewart


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