Monday, September 9, 2013

Everything is going well and the house is much more lively with four. Elder Garbanzo and I don´t have many members in our area so its difficult to get references from members. We have found a few new investigators that are somewhat promising but haven´t really had a lesson with them yet. haha so here´s a good one for you. Elder Garbanzo and I were standing outside the chapel on Friday and this girl about 22yrs old walks up to us and starts asking us questions about the church... at this point we were both looking at each other a little bit scared because she was pretty under dressed. long story short after talking to her for about 15 min we find out she is a trans sexual from France. Or in other words she was a man. Scary haha  its a much longer story but I don't have time to type it all up. 

Sorry I don't have any new pics for you at the moment and yes Yazmin is still in my area. thanks for the pic Michelle will be awesome!  Later  (Elder Stewart)

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