Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hola hola,

haha, yeah our house compared to everywhere else here is really nice and we do have a semi-auto washing machine.
Wow this week was crazy. En lunes Elder Kelsey missed the bus to Jujuy Centro, so we had to wait for him all day. Then after waiting all day we got a call saying he wont be arriving until the next day haha. So Elder Garbanzo (my comp.) and Elder Mangum went back to Perico for the night and the ZLs brought Elder Kelsey the following day to Perico. We are now split up into two areas within Perico so the first two days we spent together as 4 so that I could show the other elders all of our investigators. They have Perico1 which was where Elder Medina and I worked almost the whole time... so they took all of our investigators and Elder Garbanzo and I are opening Perico 2 at the moment. We only have about 5 real investigators at the moment. Elder Garbanzo is awesome I love him and the other two here are awesome as well.  We still only have 1 ward so yes I can see everybody on Sunday, there are a few families I miss a lot but esta bien.
Si, vivimos en la misma casa todavia. Es grande y limpiabamos a ful esta maƱana.
Te quiero- Elder Stewart
(Translation: Yes, we live in the same House yet. It is big and now full.  I love you - Elder Stewart)


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