Monday, August 26, 2013

Hola comó le van familia??
So crazy day today and last night... today is transfers and Elder Medina (mi compañero se va) left this morning. we were in jujuy the city around 7:30 am., he´s going to Tucuman. My new companion Elder Garbanzo de Costa Rica. I am here in Perico with Elder Villanueva until our new companions come at 3 pm today. We are also getting another companionship here in Perico so there will be 4 missionaries here. The new companionship gets Perico 1 and my comp. and I get Perico 2... which is kind of sad because almost all our investigators that we have right now are in Perico 1. Basically Elder Garbanzo and I are opening Perico 2 because we only have about 4 investigators in Per. 2. pero Esta bien
As far as the package goes I can only think of one other thing some HLJ rings (ctr rings in Spanish). Also candy, like air head sour strips and things like that. In answer to your questions, The houses are different depending on where you are. We live in Barrio Centro which is like the inner city so our house is really nice compared to most. In the picture I sent you that was a cinderblock and dirt floor house. Most of the houses are like that. There is one stake and that is Jujuy stake. In Perico there is only one ward and yes the chapel here is one of the nicest buildings in Perico. It still doesn´t compare to a chapel at home but it is pretty big for here.
So many missionaries in our ward! that's awesome, I'll have to try to email Ashlyn today.
Elder Medina and I were talking about Italy the other day. He has been twice and Spanish and Italian are pretty much the same. Just a few different words and spellings of things but he said that they can understand each other really easily. President said we are getting 31 new missionaries this week I think so they are getting visa´s somehow.
Bien, Nice pic! ... Tell dad if he wants to see scary streets at night to come on down to Argentina :)
Chow- Elder Estewar 

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