Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Queridos padres, 
Hahaha i can´t believe that kid (mi primo)! (mom's note, this is referring to Issak, Any's cousin that broke his elbow in a bike accident) Didn´t he just break his back or something like a month ago! Glad to hear that papa is still having his scouting fun and you as well sounds like. Tell him buena suerte for me...so wow that's crazy about Michelle! I read Grandmas email first and then the play by play from the chica (Michelle) herself.   (mom's note- Andy's Grandma Vernon was Michelle Nieto's Temple guide when she took out her endowments)
ok I'll try to think about a few things I would like you to send. Elder Medina says that packages come faster than letters, usually only a few weeks to a month. But one thing I can think of right now is a cover for my scriptures in English the normal size 9 ish inches tall. I don't mean a case, but like individual book cover... And candy! ;)
Haven´t been sick yet from food or water. (extremely full, but not sick) Its rude if you don´t eat more than one plate here with families(usually) anyways long story short i definitely don't have a six pack anymore. Yesterday a family made us lunch to eat at our house... it was noodles with salsa (or sauce) and slices of meat. Well as we started to eat I picked up a slice of meat with my fork and took a bite. A little bit different tasting but not too bad... as I got to looking at the slices closer they had little bumps all over the edges. long story short it was cows tongue.(lingua) Yum! haha.
This week was pretty slow for lessons and such until yesterday. We picked up 5 new investigators, had 4 at church (which is what we have the hardest time getting) and taught a Mom and her daughter right after church that we didn´t even know. They came to church on their own. We taught them the Restoration and have another lesson set up for Tuesday. We have a few promising investigators right now but its hard to cover all of Perico on foot. we´re planning with faith on 5 baptisms this month. Bien, lo siento i dont have any new photos for you this week. Tell everyone Hi for me and make fun of Issak for me as well.

Chow por ahora, Elder Stewart 

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