Monday, August 19, 2013

Glad to hear that Eric did well and filled the church.  Cole wrote me a quick email as well, awesome to hear from him.. says he's getting into golf haha nice! Wow Tyson is home he doesn't look like he fattened up any...? have him teach you castellano so you understand me when I get home.
The camera is fine its just that the pics i send are taken by the Argentians that havent ever used a camera as adjustable as the one i have. so deal with it :) The other missionary in the pic from last week was elder Medina's papi, so it was a three generation pic... Glad to hear Brian is headed out on a mission! if you see him again tell him its about time!
Bien, so its been a pretty good week here we've been working with Nicolas and his wife are awesome but need to be married before they can be baptized and  as usual need to come to church. Also another family that we encountered familia Liuqitay have good potential. We first found the mother and one of her sons and one of her daughters but now we've also taught the other daughter as well. still haven't been able to talk to the husband but hopefully soon. Sunday was Dia del Niño (invention of the devil in our eyes since no one was at church). The members had a celebration at the house of the familia Subelsa on Saturday. We went over for about an hour it was pretty awesome. (the clown in the pic that I will send is

Hermano Subelsa) sorry I don't really have the time to sit here and make my emails detailed.
 I don't have a preference as to what kind of scripture case...whatever you think is good. My scriptures are the same size as moms in height and width. Also I would like a few more sharpie pens if you can find them. Gracias 
Chow- Elder Stewart

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  1. Aloha Elder Stewart!
    Elder Blake Ellertson, my missionary, will be in Salta next week! His group is leaving MTC Provo on Monday (Aug 26). It seems like you are enjoying your mission there. I hope he will love it there!! If you see him at the transfer or trainings or whatever, please go and say hi to him!! :)