Monday, July 8, 2013


So we email in a cyber café here, so im afraid my emails are going to be pretty short at least while I’m in Perico. We baptized two girls this week Solè and Eli Rojas that was awesome. I baptized Eli. I’ll try and send a photo. We have lots of investigators and we´re in a big town by ourselves. Most of the roads are dirt here and our living conditions are pretty good compared to a lot. We have lunch here instead of dinner but the food is pretty good. The language is frustrating because they don't say the full Spanish word so its extremely hard to understand them plus they mumble.  4th of July looked fun thanks for the pics. hope all is well. when does Eric leave? that's all I have time to write and it take me forever to write because the keyboard is different here sorry.

 chow, Elder Stewart 

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