Monday, July 15, 2013


Como estan familia? Thanks for the pics, I'm sure Landon is beside himself with the Temples looks like it was fun! Wow! Michelle finally she got her awesome! A few of the Elders in my MTC district are in Idaho (Elder Machen and Elder Adair).  The language is coming little by little thanks for the prayers. So yes Elder Medina did lose his wallet in the Remis(taxi), just dropped it or something so he lost quite a bit of money and his credit card... etc. We do have quite a few baptisms lined up for these coming few weeks, hopefully they all go through. My favorite thing to eat here is definitely empanadas they are amazing. The weather is pretty normal here its not really humid and its been a bit cold for the past week. Anyways we have lots a people that we are teaching and found a lot of new investigators this week. I got to paint with the cutest little girl in the world on Wednesday at lunch. Her name is Yazmin and she painted me a picture ill have to get a pic with her and send it to you. On Saturday we were at an investigators house and as we clapped (knocked) two dogs burst out the door and then kind of just sniffed us down for a minute and then one of them decided that my shoe looked like a good place to pee... haha good thing my shoe is water proof. Not much else happened that was out of the ordinary. My comp and I have to speak in Sacrament next week hopefully that goes well. Alright well that's all I can think of this week. 
Hasta Luego, Elder Stewart

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