Monday, July 1, 2013

Perico, Jujuy Argentina

Thanks for the update on things. I guess you´ve seen the pics of our arrival in Salta...So I am in Perico, Jujuy for my first area and my companion is Elder Medina. He is from SLC as well but his dad is from Mexico so he has always spoken Spanish and English in his house. Its definitely a bit of a culture shock here, and Castillano is hard to understand because they all slur their words and add a ¨ sha¨ to whatever they want. I´m not really sure how they even understand each other. There are dogs EVERYWHERE here and they just go where they please. While we were out and about on Saturday 2 dogs attacked a little girl and My comp and I had to fight them off but she still got bit pretty good on the upper arm. Loco! The work is good here though we have about 25 referrals at the moment that we haven't contacted yet... so there is a lot to do.
Our travel here seemed to take forever! I flew to Georgia on my own and then I found Hermana Obray there and Hermana Mcrea who I didn´t know previously. Hermana Obray and I had a nice little reunion in the airport for a couple hours haha. The stupid 10 hr flight wasn´t so great but oh well. When we arrived in Salta a member in Buenos Aires greeted us and took us to the mission office there. from there we took a flight to Salta from a smaller airport but got delayed for about 4 hours because the flight crews were on some kind of strike. When we finally got to Salta it was about 11pm and Pres. Levrino was waiting for us. We spent the next day in Salta for orientation and then took a bus to our new areas. The other Elder was from Lima Peru. Anyways good to hear about Dad and tell him Feliz Cumpleaños for me.
talk to you later
con Amor -Elder Stewart
2nd email:
Hey so I don't know if you know but all mail goes to the mission office in Salta,.. I'm not even sure we have an address in Jujuy...  haha but they get us our mail.

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