Monday, June 10, 2013

Thanks for the email it was awesome. My new Companion is Elder Goulding. He is from St. Anthony, Idaho. He has been out for about 9 months and is our new District leader. He's awesome we've been doing lot's of less active work trying to find new people to teach and clean up the ward roster. We are still living with the ZL’s. We haven't been able to see Jenny for 2 1/2 weeks now and only minimal phone contact. We are leaving it in her lap for a while now.

Sounds like you are going on splits with the Sisters? That's awesome and the pics were awesome as well. I don't have any new photo's for you but i'll get you one of my new comp and I soon. Braydon and I are emailing each other. He says he likes his first area and companion and is living with the ZL's same as me.

So the chainsaw pic is from when we went up with the Vincent's to their property and helped them split and cut up some fallen trees. It was fun but there were ticks everywhere. We found three in our clothes when we all got home. Luckily nobody had been bit. 

I'll try to get the Elijah's address for you as well and don't worry i'll get pics. The letters you are getting in the mail are Standard of excellence letters that congratulate us for hitting the numbers set for lessons and things like that.

Angelo (who we meet with a lot) and has been a convert for about two years now, took his endowments out at the DC temple this past Saturday!  Jerri Vincent is one of our missionary moms and she went through the temple too.  Wish we could have been there!  If you can find her through facebook send her a message and congratulate her.

Looks like you've been partying without me in the teepee.. tell the Nunes clan hi for me.

Talk to ya later.
Love Elder Stewart


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