Monday, June 17, 2013

First of all Happy Fathers day to el Padre!!!! Sorry no card. We've been all over the place this week. Cool to hear about his new calling and make sure to go out with the sisters as much as possible. The purpose of ‘member present’ lessons are for testimony from the members and it can make all the difference in a lesson. Thanks for the update on everything, sounds like everyone is doing well and Grandma says Issak is back on his feet.

We have had a pretty good week. We had a rain storm here on Wednesday and the lightening here is amazing because of the humidity. the whole entire sky lights up, not just a few strikes here and there. We are still doing a lot of finding (lost ward members) and have found a few new potential investigators. We have been teaching Yvonne and Curtis and Jenny as well and have a lesson this week with Victor. We had 3 Investigators at church this Sunday which is awesome. And we gave a baby blessing to Victors new baby. Victors family is a part member, his wife is a member and they have 4 little ones with one who is close to 8yrs old. Jenny will be baptized pretty soon we left the date up to her to find a good week. 

Sometimes we play a new game called doubles. it's a dice game where you make up something for the other person to do and if you roll double they have to do it unless they roll doubles back. So, doubles of the week... for me, E. Solomon rolled double and now I have to shuffle the deck every time we play cards for the entire transfer. I’ve also had to wear whatever tie E. Hess choose for me on Sunday... it was a brown ugly tie!!! And the last thing I had to do was eat an entire box of Frosted flakes in 1 day. E. Hess had to mow the entire lawn today by himself and E. Solomon had to sleep in a suit. Hahaha!  Sister Vincent saw my tie at church and all she said was "wow, the game?".

Oh I did get the package and I love the tie. Well that's all for this week, sorry I still haven't got the Elijah's address... its a route and box#. And you probably wont get your pic with the Elijah's until the end of the transfer.

Love, Elder
Andy at the Elijah's drinking Mata (an Argentinian  tea)

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