Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So sorry I forgot to tell you that P-day is wed. this week because of transfers. We are at the Elijah's right now emailing and they made us breakfast this morning... they're awesome! Transfer day is tomorrow and Elder Guthrie is leaving me. He is headed down to Buena Vista area in Virginia to be a Zone Leader. I didn't get my Visa and they only come through on the transfer so I'll have a new companion in Clarksburg with me for at least another transfer.
I heard about Landon, he emailed me. That's pretty crazy! I emailed him back a while ago. Sheri also wrote me back she's awesome. She sent me the itinerary of their trip and I didn't recognize any of the city names but some of them might be close. I may get to play a violin duet with Bishop Haws who is the old bishop. He actually went on his Mission to Argentina Mendoza mission. I'm not sure yet though we've only talked about it. That's awesome to see the pics of the Arrow of Light ceremony and Janny. we still haven't got Jenny baptized... her dog had an eye infection and had to get surgery this weekend. Satan is working overtime on her.
On to some of your Q's. No we don't tract much we find other ways and do a lot of work cleaning up the enormous ward record. We eat almost every night with a family. Our P-day activities are nothing exciting. we go get groceries and email and then sit around the house playing games usually. 
I have a lot of cool pics but it takes for ever to send them on this email, here are a few. 
Talk  to ya Monday.  Love Elder Stewart

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