Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Notes:
Today was Mothers Day and it was awesome! We Skype’d with Elder Stewart for about 45 minutes. Later that evening we had a surprise call as the family was gathered at Grandma's. The whole family talked with Elder Stewart for another 20 minutes or so.
He had a few surprises and fun stories for us:
1)      He  was transferred this week (last Thursday). It was an 'emergency transfer' as the President called it. He is now located in Clarksburg West Virginia. Still in the Northern part of the state. He shares a 4 story 'mansion' with the Zone leaders and his companion who is the District leader. We met his companion (can't remember his name, but he is from Phoenix). He said the House is awesome with lots of cool stairs and places to explore. He also mentioned that church members tell them the house is haunted...sounds like fun! :-)
2)      There is a large Ward in Clarksburg. He said it was like going to church here in Utah.
(He was Skyping with us using a Members computer).  He likes Clarksburg, but misses Buckhannon.  They had met a few people in the past week that were potentially great investigators. He felt bad he had to leave them.
3)      The 2nd surprise: He had his first 'gun' encounter! (Not sure that is the sort of thing you tell your mother!!).  They knocked on a door and a man answered brandishing a Shiny hand gun and told them to move on. They quickly obliged!
4)      He was also excited to tell us that he participated in his first baptism Saturday. He wasn't involved in teaching the 2 new converts (an 11 year old and an 8 year old whose mother had joined a year ago) but he was excited nonetheless.
5)     One final story. As they were setting up tables for the baptism Saturday, Andy cut his finger open. He didn't even realize it and went about setting up, touching his nice white shirt, itching his back, etc. Finally someone noticed his shirt was turning red! He had blood all over everything. He told us that shirt was being thrown in the garbage! :-)
Andy is enjoying every minute of his mission! He is being blessed abundantly. We continue to pray he will have 'Spanish Speaking' experiences.  He had met a Venezuelan lady in Buckhannon that was going to help him with the language...right before he was transferred.
Andy's email on May 13th:
Our address is 174 Washington Ave. Clarksburg WV 26301.
I'm not really sure what to write you about... I can't think of anything new and I forgot my camera back at the house. I don't think there were many new pics anyways. It was fun to talk to the family last night you'll have to send me Braydon's LDS email info so I can email him. email me if you have any more Q's.

Hasta Luego -Elder Stewart

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