Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola from the home of Duck Dynasty!

Yep Dodger county WV is the home of Duck Dynasty so i'm told... wish i was serving there. haha.  Here are Answers to your questions:

The house pic’s are just cool houses we track by. There are a lot of cool southern looking homes here. The one I’m sending today has been abandoned for a while im guessing. Also there is a house here that looks exactly like jenny's... unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of it yet.

-       Elder Woods is from Cali. and Elder Thatcher is from Wyoming

-       I do get language study time for a half hour almost every day.

-       I will be calling home on Sunday not Skype. We have our own cell phone to call from so if I don’t get you the first time i can just try calling later. also there is a letter in the mail for you so don't open it until Sunday.

 That’s crazy about Issak! I didn’t know he was still playing soccer... tell him to watch a little Duck Dynasty to cheer him up. I'll keep him in my prayers.
Speaking of soccer we were at a soccer game of one of the young men in the ward and the refs didn't show up so i ref’d half a game in dress clothes until the ref showed up. haha it ended up being a good service opportunity.

 We are in a bit of a build up stage with this area. We don't have many solid investigators at the moment but we've been meeting with many less actives on the ward roster and also former investigators. We haven’t been able to meet with Gail but hopefully this week sometime we will. Last week we were updating the roster and we went to find this guy named john but we couldn't fin his house. So we knocked on what should have been his neighbors door and asked if he knew him and he said " oh ya dat guy dat live up in dat trailer up der... ya he dead" haha Elder Woods and I were fighting back the laughter. We still quote him every day.

We sing with the choir and i might get to play the violin with them. Not a sure thing though quite yet. Sorry not many pics this week... Elder Thatcher has a banjo and i made a video of me playing the song that the guy plays in the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride I’m not sure if I’ll be able to send it though

Okay talk to ya Sunday!   Adios - Elder Stewart


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