Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey everything is going well here we´re slowly finding new investigators hopefully we can speed that up this week. We had district conference this Saturday and Sunday, which is stake conference but its not a stake here in Tartagal.  Saturday it rained a whole bunch and hard. As we left the conference Sat night we had planned to go to Grido´s which is like cold stones but it was raining pretty good so we decided to try a like ice cream shop that was more on the way to the house. As we started walking out in the rain (with our suits on) Sister Chaparro and Pres.Chaparro saw us in their car and Sister Chaparro gave me a birthday Torta (cake) that she had bought for me (they were there for the district conference). Later we got to the small ice cream shop and found it closed and seeing that we were pretty much completely soaked already we decided to go to Grido´s anyways. When we finally got home, and I might add that we live in the street called '13 de Diciembre' :) we decided to take a few pics to remember the adventurous day.. so ill try to send one to you (our street was a bit of a river). Oh and the cake miraculously made it hope without getting wet as well. 

Talk to you later we´re gearing up for the 120 degree weather that seems to be creeping up on us... 
Los quiero Elder Stewart

This pic is the 4 of us that live together here in Tartagal left to right ELder Reyna (peru) my comp., me, Elder Arias from Nicaragua, Elder Alvarenga from Washington DC


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