Monday, November 10, 2014

All is well here its starting to get nice and toasty...yes I take pics every now and again but the computers aren't all that great here so you have to get lucky and get on the has the memoria slots.  That's why I haven't been sending pics in this area. Looks like Ethan had a good welcome home. We play a little futbol on p-days still sometimes.  Pres. Chaparro is a little more relaxed with letting us do things on p-day. Today I got to play the violin for a while in our apartment as well. We had a good week doing lots of contacts to encounter new investigators and we found a few. Unfortunately we have lots of trouble to get them to church Sundays. Never the less we are progressing slowly still... I don't like slowly! I don't remember if I said this last week but as I have been reading the new testament it has become much power for me in the preaching of the gospel. A few things I liked from studies this week, "2 Timothy 3:15-16 coupled with D&C 68:3-4, next if you pay attention as you read all the epistles of Paul I think I can pretty safely say he prophesies of the apostasy that was to come in a short  time after he wrote the epistles, and its not that hidden he´s pretty blatant about it. haha Next chap.29 of Isaiah is pretty great with the whole restoration. Well that's all for this week, talk to ya next week.

Los quiero-Elder Stewart

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