Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey che, how was Mexico? nice and sunny ill bet... here its been really sunny and hot... I'm glad that I'm not in Santiago... they better not transfer me there after this transfer ends because it will be full on summer! No they don't do very much of anything here for Halloween. you might as well just take the pic because from now on your pretty much going to keep having all the boys leave on missions one after the other. I've been emailing Ethan the last few weeks, its pretty awesome that we can just speak in Spanish now. Michelle sends me mad messages now and then also cuz I don't write her! haha

Well my new companion for one transfer is Elder Caceres. He's from Paraguay and speaks Nivaclé which is not very close to Spanish at all. He´s still pretty lost haha because there aren´t really any language books or anything to learn Nivaclé to Spanish. He has 5 months in the mission and truthfully speaks very well for how much harder it is for him to learn. This area keeps me frustrated but we are progressing slowly, so all is well. We are teaching a few young couples with little kids at the moment that we have lots of hope for. Get this now even the catholic church has got "missionaries" going around trying to teach people to pray to the Virgin...I signed up so that they would come and teach us but I'm pretty sure they´re never going to come... haha and at the first of the week a Jehovah's witness pastor made the mistake of knocking our door.. I left him with steam coming out from his ears because he was completely confounded in what to say haha ...and he still wouldn't accept to read the BoM. These are my good experiences here coming to the end of the mission haha. hope all is well I'll try to complete your 3 requests.
Los quiero-Elder Stewart    

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