Monday, October 6, 2014

Cómo están? looks like everything is going well and you had nice conference weekend. I never actually saw you but you were right where I thought you were plus we got there a little bit late trying to help investigators go watch so I didnt see the first song. Elder Gerber said he saw dad as they were scanning the crowd at first though. I did see Mr. Blanchard. It was nice to here the latin speakers in there real voice the portuguese guy we heard translated in spanish so I dont know if I would have understood him or not. They did speak alot about the Prophet especially in the last session. another thing I noted is that in three different talks they mentioned the prayer that Jesus gave as example to the Apostles, very commonly known here as the (Padre Nuestro) Matthew 6:9.
I havent talked to Eric or Braydon or Ethan for while now i just might have to send a message. Turners got to be home now right? 
We had a good week in all with 4 attendences to the conference so it was successful the district is slowly getting better and we´re enountering new investigators so all is well. Tell Greg that I´ll try to remember to bring him a few alfajores.. Talk to ya next week.
Los quiero-Elder Stewart 

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