Monday, September 22, 2014

When are you going to put in the new wood floor? before i get back? Good to hear  that the choir practice is going well ill be looking for you. Nice pics, we took that in zone conference the other day and dad lost the bet on the other pic thats not me making pizza...haha its been so long you guys don't even remember me. Haven`t really thought about school at all... sorry
Its been a slow week here for us for the whole district in truth, it was kind of weird. We had some good experiences this week I don't remember all of them in this moment but here's a good one for ya. Last night as the night was coming to an end and we were walking home we decided to nock a few select doors, the last one we knocked a 45 yr old man more or less came out. posing himself before us like he was just the shiz and was about to kill a few Mormons with his superior doctrinal knowledge  said ` yea I know who you guys are..` as then I proceeded to invite him to learn about the restoration he interrupted and started to go off about how Christ never mentioned Jose smith or the Angel Moroni in the Bible. Then respectfully I started to explain to him ( and I say respectfully because I've learned much patience in the mission...happy note)  that there is no wonder that he never mentioned the two because one they lived in a whole different part of the world and the people there didn't have any knowledge of what had happened to Lehi. and two it didn't matter for the salvation of there souls to know of such other nation. Then he went all off on some other subject until I asked him quite directly what it had to do with what we were talking about, and I might note that this man had quite a scriptural knowledge, never the less as he himself prophesied to us that he that has the Spirit won't be overcome, we quite powerfully overcame him after we had respectfully given him every chance to change his mind and listen to what we had to say. I gave him a nice little testimony that the book BoM that we were holding in our hands is the word of God and that for the hardness of his heart would be condemned by its word in the last day before the same God that he professed to know. We can just say we left him with his mouth open but without words coming out and confirmation of the promise that Christ gave to his disciples that they would not be confounded before men. haha well there is your story for the week.
All is well and we keep on truck'in here. We played a little soccer this morning with some of the zone and Gerber was there so we had fun for a while getting a little exercise.
talk to ya next week 
love Elder Stewart


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